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The 150th anniversary of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" publication was celebrated in 2015, with a workshop organized for over 20 young and enthusiastic students from the Public School "Capistrano de Abreu." The workshop was a photographic project developed in partnership with Casa da Cultura do Itaim Paulista in São Paulo, Brazil. It aimed to capture the essence of Lewis Carroll's famous book through tableau vivant, a form of staged photography where actors pose to create a living picture.

The workshop was a great success as the students, divided into groups, worked together to create tableau vivant scenes inspired by the book. These scenes were then photographed and exhibited at the Casa da Cultura do Itaim Paulista for the public to enjoy.

The Akiakolla Foundation immensely thanks Professor Miriam Oyama for her invaluable support in making this project possible. The workshop provided a constructive experience for the students, allowing them to think creatively and work collaboratively. It was a memorable event that will remain with them for years.


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