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Aracaju, the land of crab

Aracaju is the capital of Sergipe, a state located in the northeastern region of Brazil. This city is known for having the least inequality among other capitals in the region. One of the most famous attractions in Aracaju is the 'Orla de Atalaia,' which features the 'Monument to the Formers of Nationality.' This monument pays homage to significant figures in Brazilian history and is a must-see for tourists. Right next to the monument, you can find the Aracaju Oceanarium, which is an exciting place to explore the wonders of marine life.

Besides its beautiful landmarks, Aracaju has a rich cultural heritage with diverse origins. The city hosts “Forró Caju,” one of the most significant events of “Festa Junina,” a popular Brazilian festival. As one of the largest producers of crustaceans in the country, Aracaju has a strong tradition of harvesting "Mangaba," a native fruit. The city's symbol bird is the Corrupião.


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